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Ajuda do Scilab >> Otimização e Simulação > Simplex > optimsimplex_setall


Sets all in the simplex object.


opt = optimsimplex_setall(opt, simplex)



The current simplex object of TSIMPLEX type (tlist).


The simplex to set.

The given matrix is expected to be a nbve-by- n, where n is the dimension of the space, nbve is the number of vertices and with the following content (where the data is organized by row with function value first, and x coordinates)

  • simplex(k,1) is the function value of the vertex #k, with k = 1 to nbve

  • simplex(k,2:n+1) is the coordinates of the vertex #k, with k = 1 to nbve


The optimsimplex_setall function sets all the coordinates and the function values of all the vertices.


simplex = [
   3.  0.  0.
   4. 1.  0.
   5. 0.  1.
s1 = optimsimplex_new ();
all = optimsimplex_getall(s1);
s1 = optimsimplex_setall ( s1 , simplex );
all = optimsimplex_getall(s1);

s1 = optimsimplex_destroy(s1);

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