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Please note that the recommended version of Scilab is 6.1.1. This page might be outdated.
See the recommended documentation of this function

Ajuda do Scilab >> Scilab > Configuration > oldEmptyBehaviour


Controls the operation+ and operation- behaviour for Scilab





a single string amongst "on", "off" or "query". The behaviour mode for operation+ and operation-


Controls the behaviour of the empty matrix addition and subtraction. On versions prior to scilab-6.0.0, adding or subtracting and empty matrix to any other value val would return val.

If behaviour == "off", adding or subtracting the empty matrix will yield to the empty matrix. This is the default behaviour of scilab after version 6.0.0.

If behaviour == "on", activates the behaviour prior to scilab-6.0.0.

If behaviour == "query", returns the current value ("on" or "off") for the oldEmptyBehaviour tag.


// Get the current behaviour
behaviour = oldEmptyBehaviour("query");

// These will return empty
1 + []
"Test string" + []
[] - int8(1)
[] - %s

// These will leave the other operand unchanged
1 + [] // returns 1
"Test string" + [] // returns "Test string"
[] - int8(1) // returns int8(1)
[] - %s // returns %s

// Get back to the saved behaviour

See also

  • warning for the warning behaviour on operation+ and operation-
  • plus for the behaviour of the operation+.
  • minus for the behaviour of the operation-.
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