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Ajuda do Scilab >> Funções Elementares > Integer representation > dec2base


Convert decimal to base N number in string


str = dec2base(d, base)
str = dec2base(d, base, n)



matrix of strings corresponding to "base" representation


1-by-1 matrix of doubles, positive integer value, the base


matrix of doubles, positive integer values


str = dec2base(d, base) converts the nonnegative integer values of d to the specified base base.

d must have a nonnegative integers smaller than 2^52, and base must be an integer between 2 and 36.

The returned argument str is a matrix of strings.

str = dec2base(d, base, n) produces a representation with at least n digits.


for b = 2:36
 disp( dec2base(666, b) )

See also

  • base2dec — conversão da base b para inteiros
  • bin2dec — conversão de representação binária para inteira
  • oct2dec — conversão de octais para inteiros
  • hex2dec — conversão de representação hexadecimal para inteiros
  • dec2bin — representação binária
  • dec2oct — representação octal de inteiros
  • dec2hex — representação hexadecimal de inteiros


5.4.0 This function was added in Scilab 5.4.0
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