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Please note that the recommended version of Scilab is 6.1.1. This page might be outdated.
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Aide de Scilab >> Link dynamique/incremental > dllinfo


provides information about the format and symbols provided in executable and DLL files (Windows).


infolist = dllinfo(filename,option)



a string : a filename .dll or .exe file


a string : 'machine' , 'exports' , 'imports'


a list :

infolist(1) : a string : name of dll or executable.

infolist(2) : a string matrix : symbols (imported or exported) or machine type (x86 or x64).


This tool provides information about the format and symbols (imported or exported) provided in executable and DLL files.

This tool is based on dumpbin.exe. A tool provided with Visual studio SDK.


if getos() == "Windows" then
  filename = SCI + "\bin\api_scilab.dll";

  dllinfolist = dllinfo(filename, "machine");
  mprintf("Machine destination of %s: %s\n", dllinfolist(1), dllinfolist(2));

  dllinfolist = dllinfo(filename, "imports");
  mprintf("Dlls dependencies of %s:\n", filename);
  for i=1:size(dllinfolist)

  dllinfolist = dllinfo(filename, "exports");
  mprintf("Dll exports of %s:\n", filename);

See also

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  • link — dynamic linker
  • ilib_compile — ilib_build utility: executes the Makefile produced by ilib_gen_Make
  • ilib_gen_Make — utility for ilib_build: produces a Makefile for building shared libraries
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  • ilib_gen_loader — utility for ilib_build: generates a loader file
  • ilib_for_link — utility for shared library management with link
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