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Create library(es) of a toolbox for its functions in Scilab language





Root directory of the toolbox. build script will be searched in the toolbox_path/macros subdirectory.


This function is usually called from builder.sce scripts when creating or updating a toolbox.

The short name (id) tbx_name of the toolbox is retrieved as the basename of the file toolbox_path/etc/*.start. This file must exists, even if it is empty.

tbx_builder_macros scans the toolbox_path directory for a macros subdirectory.

  • If macros is found, tbx_builder_macros looks for a script *.sce whose name starts with build:
    • If a toolbox/macros/build*.sce file is found, tbx_builder_macros executes it, and that's it.
    • Otherwise, tbx_builder_macros compiles each thisfile.sci file found in the toolbox_path/macros/ subdirectory, and yields every related thisfile.bin binary files. All these *.bin are then bundled into a library of macros recorded in the file toolbox_path/macros/lib.
  • Otherwise, tbx_builder_macros exists silently.

When a library is actually built, its default name is set to tbx_namelib, in the toolbox_path/macros/lib file.


// Recommended usage, from a builder.sce script



A default behaviour generating a lib from all macros inside the macros directory is now implemented. An explicit builder script is no longer mandatory.

No longer restricts the build scripts to buildmacros.sce. Now any scripts called buildmacros*.sce or builder*.sce are valid for macros generation.

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