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Scilab Help >> Data Structures

Data Structures

  • cells
    • cellcreates a cell array of empty matrices
    • cell2matconverts a cell array into a matrix
    • cellstrconverts strings vector (or strings matrix) into a cell array of strings
    • iscellchecks if a variable is a cell array
    • iscellstrchecks if a variable is a cell array of strings
    • makecellCreates a cell array.
    • num2cellconverts an array into a cell array
  • booleanScilab Objects, boolean variables and operators & | ~
  • definedfieldsreturns an index of list's defined fields
  • fieldnamesget a tlist, mlist or struct fields names
  • getfieldlist field extraction
  • hypermatinitializes an N dimensional matrix. obsolete. Please use matrix.
  • hypermatricesa Scilab object, N dimensional matrix in Scilab
  • isfieldchecks if the given fieldname exists in a structure or mlist or tlist
  • isstructchecks if a variable is a structure array
  • lista Scilab object and a list definition function
  • lstcatlist concatenation
  • lstsizelist, tlist, mlist numbers of entries (obsolete)
  • matricesScilab objects, matrices in Scilab
  • mlistScilab object, matrix oriented typed list definition
  • nulldelete an element in a list
  • rlistScilab rational fraction function definition
  • setfieldlist field insertion
  • structcreate a struct
  • tlistScilab object and typed list definition.
  • typereturns the type of a Scilab object
  • typenameassociates a name to variable type
  • typeofexplicit type or overloading code of an object
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