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Please note that the recommended version of Scilab is 6.1.1. This page might be outdated.
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Scilab keywords

  • backslash(\) left matrix division.
  • brackets [,;]Concatenation. Recipients of an assignment. Results of a function
  • colon (:)Ranging operator. Addresses all elements along an array dimension or of a list.
  • comma(,) comma; instruction, argument separator
  • comments(// or /*...*/) comments
  • comparisoncomparison, relational operators
  • dollar($) last index
  • dot(.) symbol
  • equal(=) assignment , comparison, equal sign
  • extractionmatrix and list entry extraction
  • getscilabkeywordsreturns a list with all scilab keywords.
  • hat(^) exponentiation
  • assignationpartial variable assignation
  • greater(>) greater than comparison
  • minus(-) subtraction operator, sign changes
  • not(~) logical not
  • parentheses( ) left and right parenthesis
  • percent(%) special character
  • plus(+) addition operator
  • quote(') transpose operator, string delimiter
  • semicolon(;) ending expression and row separator
  • slash(/) right division and feed back
  • star(*) multiplication operator
  • symbolsscilab operator names
  • tilde(~) logical not
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