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polynomial matrix long division





two real polynomial matrices




x=ldiv(n,d,k) gives the k first coefficients of the long division of n by d i.e. the Taylor expansion of the rational matrix [nij(z)/dij(z)] near infinity.

Coefficients of expansion of nij/dij are stored in x((i-1)*n+k,j) k=1:n


wss = ssrand(1,1,3);
[a,b,c,d] = abcd(wss);
wtf = ss2tf(wss);
x1 = ldiv(wtf.num, wtf.den, 5)
x2 = [c*b ; c*a*b ; c*a^2*b ; c*a^3*b ; c*a^4*b]
wssbis = markp2ss(x1',5,1,1);
wtfbis = clean(ss2tf(wssbis))
x3 = ldiv(wtfbis.num, wtfbis.den, 5)

See also

  • arl2 — SISO model realization by L2 transfer approximation
  • markp2ss — Markov parameters to state-space
  • pfss — partial fraction decomposition
  • pdiv — polynomial division
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