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error message


error(message, n)
error(n, message)
error(n, pos)



a string or a vector of strings. The error message to be displayed.


an integer. The number associated with the error message.


an integer. A parameter for the error message.


error function allows to issue an error message and to handle the error. By default error stops the current execution and resume to the prompt level. This default can be changed using the execstr(...,'errcatch') functions.

error(message) prints the character string contained in message. The number associated with the error message is 10000

error(message,n) prints the character string contained in message. The number associated with the error message is given by n. This number should be greater than 10000.

error(n) prints the predefined error message associated with the error number n.

Some predefined error messages require a parameter (see error_table). In this case the pos argument must be used error(n,pos) to give the parameter value. In the other cases the pos argument is ignored.

See error_table for a list of error messages and the associated error numbers.


error('my error message')
error(52, 3)
error(10001, ['A'; 'multi';'line';'error';'message'])

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5.4.0 The error function can take vector of strings as input argument.
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