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Please note that the recommended version of Scilab is 6.1.1. This page might be outdated.
However, this page did not exist in the previous stable version.

Справка Scilab >> Xcos > xcos_debug_gui


Interactive debugging function to be used in the Debug Xcos block


The Xcos Debug block allows to set a Scilab instruction that is executed before and after the execution of each blocks during the simulation. Setting the instruction xcos_debug_gui() for the Debug block instruction makes a graphical user interface to be opened at the beginning of the simulation. This GUI allows to interactive debug. In particular it is possible to dynamically specify conditions for which the simulation will be suspended (break points). When halted on a break point user can examine the current values, state, input,... of the block.

At any time the user can specify break points by a set of cumulative conditions:

  • The flag value for which the current block is called

  • The current date value

  • If the break takes place before and/or the block call

  • The value of a Scilab boolean expression, the break is active if the condition evaluates to true. This expression may use the block variable C_struct that contains the current block elements and Scilab functions curblock and scicos_time.

When the simulation is suspended, the graphical user interface shows the current time and current flag values, the block number and the path of the block in the super blocks hierarchy.

The "Next" button restart the simulation till the next suspending condition

The "End debug" button disable all conditions letting the simulation going on freely up to the end

The "Pause" button allows to interactively observe the block data structure associated to the current block executing Scilab instructions in the Scilab console. User must enter the "return" instruction to go back.


  • Serge Steer, INRIA


0.0 Function xcos_debug_gui added
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