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Please note that the recommended version of Scilab is 6.1.1. This page might be outdated.
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Справка Scilab >> Графики > 3d_plot


  • comet3d3D comet animated plot.
  • contourlevel curves on a 3D surface
  • eval3dvalues of a function on a grid => this function is obsolete
  • eval3dpcompute facets of a 3D parametric surface
  • fac3d3D plot of a surface. This function is obsolete.
  • fplot3d3D plot of a surface defined by a function
  • fplot3d13D gray or color level plot of a surface defined by a function
  • genfac3dCompute facets of a 3D surface
  • geom3dprojection from 3D on 2D after a 3D plot
  • hist3d3D representation of a histogram
  • meshграфик трёхмерной сетки
  • nf3dRectangular facets to plot3d parameters
  • param3d3D plot of a parametric curve
  • param3d13D plot of parametric curves
  • param3d propertiesdescription of the 3D curves entities properties
  • plot3d3D plot of a surface
  • plot3d13D gray or color level plot of a surface
  • plot3d2plot surface defined by rectangular facets
  • plot3d3mesh plot surface defined by rectangular facets
  • scatter33D scatter plot
  • secto3d3D surfaces conversion
  • surf3D surface plot
  • surface propertiesdescription of the 3D entities properties
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