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Please note that the recommended version of Scilab is 6.1.1. This page might be outdated.
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Справка Scilab >> GUI > close


closes graphic figures, progressionbars or waitbars





Handle or vector of handles of graphic figures or progression bar or wait bar. These different types of handles can be mixed in H.

By default, the current graphic figure is considered.


Graphic windows based on the Tk technology (such as still used by imshow() in the SIVP external module) may be closed as well by providing their number that is their handle.


// creates  figure number 1.
h = scf();
// put a clever text in figure 1
uicontrol( h, 'style','text', ...
              'string','scilab is great', ...
              'position',[50 70 100 100], ...
// create figure 2
// put a text in figure 2
uicontrol( 'style','text', ...
           'string','Really great', 'position',[50 70 100 100], 'fontsize',15);

close();   // close the current graphic window (ie fig. 2)
close(h);  // close figure 1

// create a progression bar
// close it

See also

  • xdel — удаление графического окна
  • delete — delete a graphic entity and its children.
  • figure — create a figure
  • scf — set the current graphic figure (window)
  • gcf — Return handle of current graphic window.
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