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Ajuda do Scilab >> Modules manager > Helper functions > tbx_build_pal_loader


Generate a loader_pal.sce script for loading Xcos palette module(toolbox compilation process)


tbx_build_pal_loader(palette_name, block_names , module_path [, script_path])



a character string, the name of the palette.


Block interface function list (in a string vector) ; all name should have a corresponding interface function macro (on the macros subdirectory).


a character string, the path of the directory containing the module.


an optional character string that can be used to specify the location of the created loader_pal.sce script file. If not given the script file will be created in the module_path+"/macros" directory.

Generaly the loader_pal.sce script file is created in the directory which contains the block interface functions files. The script_path argument can be used to handle modules that define several palettes.


//The recommended buildmacros.sce file
function buildMacrosAndBlocks()
  script_path = get_absolute_file_path("buildmacros.sce");
  module_path = part(script_path,1:length(script_path)-length("macros"))

  tbx_build_macros(NAME,  script_path);
  interface_functions = //to be defined

  tbx_build_blocks(module_path, interface_functions);
clear buildMacrosAndBlocks;
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