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Getting started

A short introduction to install and load ATOMS modules in Scilab.


This page teaches how to get started with ATOMS module manager on the scilab platform towards a session example. It describes how one can install a module and load it in Scilab environment.


  • Configure ATOMS to display extra-information:

  • List available modules

    ampl_toolbox - An interface to load .nl files created by AMPL
    ANN_Toolbox - ANN Toolbox
    conmin - A Scilab interface to the conmin optimization method
    CUTEr - Testing environment for optimization and linear algebra solvers
    dace_scilab - This is a conversion of the well known DACE kriging toolbox for Matlab.
    dde_toolbox - Dynamic Data Exchange client for Scilab
    HYDROGRv50 - Models and function for operational hydrology
    lolimot - A fast neural network - LOcal LInear MOdel Tree
    module_lycee - Scilab pour les lycées
    NISP - Non Intrusive Spectral Projection
    plotlib - "Matlab-like" Plotting library for Scilab
    scilab2c - Translate Scilab code into C code
    scipad - Scipad 7.20
    simplex - This package contains the simplex optimization method
    sndfile_toolbox - Read & write sound files
    stixbox - Statistics toolbox for Scilab 5.2

  • Install a module, download it and extract it. The module is installed but it's not loaded in the scilab environment and its functionalities are not available yet.

    NISP (2.1) will be installed in the 'allusers' section
    Installing NISP (2.1) ... success

  • Load a module.

    By default, a module is added to the list of modules to load at Scilab start when it's installed.
    Start NISP Toolbox
    Load gateways
    Load help
    Load demos

  • Remove a module:

    -->atomsRemove NISP
    NISP (2.1) will be removed from the 'allusers' section
    the package NISP (2.1) is currently loaded, It will removed at next Scilab restart

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More information on the autoload system :

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