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Aide de Scilab >> Graphiques: export et impression > xs2gif


export graphics to GIF


xs2gif(win_num, file_name)
xs2gif(fig, file_name)



an integer, ID of the figure to export.


handle of the figure to export.


a string, name of the exported file.


xs2gif exports the display of a graphic window into a GIF file.

To convert a sequence of "GIF" files to an animated GIF file one can use the "convert" program for ImageMagic (

For example if one has generated a sequence of GIF files named img*.gif it is possible to build an animated GIF file (named img.gif) by

convert -delay 10  img*.gif anim.gif


//GIF export

See also

  • toprint — Send text or figure to the printer.
  • printfigure — Opens a printing dialog and prints a figure.
  • xs2bmp — export graphics to BMP
  • xs2jpg — export graphics to JPG
  • xs2png — export graphics to PNG
  • xs2ppm — export graphics to PPM
  • xs2eps — export graphics to EPS
  • xs2pdf — export graphics to PDF.
  • xs2svg — export graphics to SVG
  • xs2ps — export graphics to PS
  • xs2emf — export graphics to EMF.
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