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Scilab Help >> Control Systems - CACSD > Linear System Representation > ss2ss


state-space to state-space conversion, feedback, injection


[Sl1,right,left]=ss2ss(Sl,T, [F, [G , [flag]]])



linear system (syslin list) in state-space form


square (non-singular) matrix

Sl1, right, left

linear systems (syslin lists) in state-space form


real matrix (state feedback gain)


real matrix (output injection gain)


Returns the linear system Sl1=[A1,B1,C1,D1] where A1=inv(T)*A*T, B1=inv(T)*B, C1=C*T, D1=D.

Optional parameters F and G are state feedback and output injection respectively.

For example, Sl1=ss2ss(Sl,T,F) returns Sl1 with:

and right is a non singular linear system such that Sl1=Sl*right.

Sl1*inv(right) is a factorization of Sl.

Sl1=ss2ss(Sl,T,0*F,G) returns Sl1 with:

and left is a non singular linear system such that Sl1=left*Sl (right=Id if F=0).

When both F and G are given, Sl1=left*Sl*right.

  • When flag is used and flag=1 an output injection as follows is used

    and then a feedback is performed, F must be of size (m+p,n)

    right and left have the following property:

    Sl1 = left*sysdiag(sys,eye(p,p))*right
  • When flag is used and flag=2 a feedback (F must be of size (m,n)) is performed and then the above output injection is applied. right and left have the following property:

    Sl1 = left*sysdiag(sys*right,eye(p,p)))


Sl=ssrand(2,2,5); trzeros(Sl)       // zeros are invariant:
trzeros(Sl1), trzeros(rand(2,2)*Sl1*rand(2,2))
// output injection [ A + GC, (B+GD,-G)]
//                  [   C   , (D   , 0)]
p=1,m=2,n=2; sys=ssrand(p,m,n);

// feedback (m,n)  first and then output injection.


// Sl1 equiv left*sysdiag(sys*right,eye(p,p)))

res=clean(ss2tf(sys1) - ss2tf(left*sysdiag(sys*right,eye(p,p))))

// output injection then feedback (m+p,n)
F2=rand(p,n); F=[F1;F2];

// Sl1 equiv left*sysdiag(sys,eye(p,p))*right


// when F2= 0; sys1 and sys2 are the same


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