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Scilab Help >> Control Systems - CACSD > Linear Analysis > Frequency Domain

Frequency Domain

  • blackBlack-Nichols diagram of a linear dynamical system
  • bodeBode plot
  • bode_asympBode plot asymptote
  • calfrqfrequency response discretization
  • dbphifrequency response to phase and magnitude representation
  • freqfrequency response
  • fresonpeak frequencies
  • gainplotmagnitude plot
  • hallchartDraws the Hall chart
  • nicholschartNichols chart
  • nyquistnyquist plot
  • nyquistfrequencyboundsComputes the frequencies for which the nyquist locus enters and leaves a given rectangle.
  • phasemagphase and magnitude computation
  • phaseplotfrequency phase plot
  • repfreqfrequency response
  • svplotsingular-value sigma-plot
  • trzerostransmission zeros and normal rank
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