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Please note that the recommended version of Scilab is 6.1.0. This page might be outdated.
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Scilab Help >> Elementary Functions > Matrix generation > repmat


Replicate and tile an array


B = repmat(A, siz)
B = repmat(A, m)
B = repmat(A, m, n,...)



input 2D array.

m, n, ...

integers, number of A blocks for each dimension of B.


vector of integer, each element gives the number of A blocks for corresponding dimension of B.


resulting array form by tiling the A 2D array.


repmat(A,m,n) or similarly repmat(A,[m,n]) returns a large matrix consisting of an m-by-n tiling of copies of A. The size of the result is [size(A,1)*M, size(A,2)*N].

repmat(A,m) creates an m-by-m tiling.

repmat(A,[m n p ...]) tiles the array A to produce a multidimensional array composed of copies of A. The size of the result is [size(A,1)*M, size(A,2)*N, size(A,3)*P, ...].

For now,only arrays of real, integer, boolean, character string, polynomial and rational as well as sparse matrices are supported. This function definition can be extended using overloading mechanism.


repmat(int8([1 0 1;0 1 0]),2,3,2)

See also

  • matrix — reshape a vector or a matrix to a different size matrix
  • extraction — matrix and list entry extraction
  • size — size of objects


5.3.1 Function repmat introduced.


Author : Sylvestre LEDRU posted the 19/06/2011 10:51
Function available since Scilab 5.3.1
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