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Build Java packages from sources into a JAR file


ilib_build_jar(jarFilePath, packageNames[, sourcePath[, classPath, [, manifestFilePath]]])



A string, sets the destination file path of the JAR.


A string matrix, contains the names of packages that will be built and stored the JAR.


A string matrix, sets the paths to the packages Java source directories.


A string matrix (optional), sets the class paths of the dependencies needed for the build.


A string (optional), sets the file path of the manifest data to include in the JAR.


ilib_build_jar extends ilib_build, which purpose is to build C/C++/Fortran libraries, to Java. In other words, ilib_build_jar allows to build Java libraries from a set of Java sources. A library in Java is a JAR file (Java archive, extension is .jar), which contains Java compiled packages (a Java package contains a set of classes sharing the same purpose), and a manifest file (to describe its content).

ilib_build_jar works like following. All the Java sources found in the given source directory paths sourcePaths are compiled. Then the JAR file specified in jarFilePath is created from all the compiled classes of all the packages declared in packageNames. ilib_build_jar relies on the jcompile function for compilation, and jcreatejar for JAR creation, no external tool is needed.

The following Java conventions should be followed when using ilib_build_jar. A JAR file usually contains one package only, and its file name is often the same as the package. The Java package is usually organized in a class directory tree, and has a hierarchical naming pattern something like, which the class directory tree follows. Each class location in the tree corresponds to its package declaration in the source.

ilib_build_jar can be used to create a JAR file with several packages, with any desired file name. The only requirement is that one package name at least must be declared, and each of the Java classes should belong to a package.

The build dependencies can be specified by setting the classPaths argument. It can be paths to JAR files or paths to directories containing Java compiled classes.

The file path to a manifest can be given, this one will be stored in the JAR, in the MANIFEST.MF file in META-INF folder. If the manifest file is not specified or does not exist, a default manifest will be created in the JAR. Note: if a manifest is given, it must contain a version attribute, otherwise the manifest in the JAR will be empty.


// Example of ilib_build_jar

// Create org.scilab.test.mypackage package sources in TMPDIR
packageName = 'org.scilab.test.mypackage';
packageSrcPath = fullfile(TMPDIR, packageName);

// Create a source file in the package (in org/scilab/test/mypackage folder)
function addJavaSourceToPackage(className, packageName)
    packagePath = strsubst(packageName, '.', filesep());
    packagePath = fullfile(packageSrcPath, packagePath);
    filePath = fullfile(packagePath, className + '.java');

    sourceCode = [msprintf('package %s;', packageName); ..
        msprintf('public class %s {}\n', className);
    fd = mopen(filePath, 'wt');
    mputl(sourceCode, fd);

// Add 'Foo' and 'bar.Bar' classes to the package
addJavaSourceToPackage('Foo', packageName);
addJavaSourceToPackage('Bar', packageName + '.bar');

// Build the package
jarFilePath = fullfile(TMPDIR, packageName + '.jar');
ilib_build_jar(jarFilePath, packageName, packageSrcPath);

// Import and test the package
jimport org.scilab.test.mypackage.Foo;
foo =;
bar =;

See also

  • jcompile — Compile Java code or file
  • jcreatejar — Creates a Java ARchive (JAR) from a set of files / directories
  • javaclasspath — set and get dynamic Java class path


5.5.0 Function introduced.
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