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Scilab Help >> Scilab code coverage > covWrite


Exports runtime information to files


covWrite("html", dir)
covWrite("binary", binaryFile)
covWrite("html", binaryFile, dir)



exports the coverage data as HTML files


store the coverage data as binary for later use


output directory as a string


stored binary filename as a string


This command is used to export, store or "load and export" runtime instrumentation data to the file system. The major usage is to export the current runtime information to HTML files on a directory using covWrite("html", "TMPDIR/coverage").

This command is used to export, store or "load and export" runtime instrumentation data to the file system.

Basic example

covStart(isempty)                      // instrument isempty by macro value
for i=1:1e5; isempty(i); end           // run
covWrite("html", "TMPDIR/coverage")    // write runtime information to a directory
covStop();                             // remove any instrumentation

Binary exemple

for i=1:1e5; isempty(i); end
covWrite("binary", "TMPDIR/isempty1")  // write runtime information
covStop();                             // clear instrumentation

for i=1:1e5; isempty(string(i)); end
covWrite("binary", "TMPDIR/isempty2")  // write other runtime information

covMerge(["TMPDIR/isempty1" "TMPDIR/isempty2"], "TMPDIR/isempty") // merge them
covWrite("html", "TMPDIR/isempty", "TMPDIR/coverage") // render the information as HTML

See also

  • covStart — Instruments some macros to store runtime information on code coverage and execution time
  • covStop — Removes all instrumentation data
  • covMerge — Merges coverage results and exports to a file
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