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Справка Scilab >> Linear Algebra > Matrix Pencil > sylv


Sylvester equation.

Calling Sequence

sylv(A, B, C, flag)



three real matrices of appropriate dimensions.


character string ('c' or 'd')


X= sylv(A, B, C, 'c') computes X, solution of the "continuous time" Sylvester equation

A*X+X*B = C

X=sylv(A, B, C, 'd') computes X, solution of the modified "discrete time" Sylvester equation

A*X*B+X = C

X=-sylv(-A, B, C, 'd') computes X, solution of the real "discrete time" Sylvester equation

A*X*B-X = C


// Continuous time Sylvester equation:
A = rand(4, 4); C = rand(4, 3); B = rand(3, 3);
X = sylv(A, B, C, 'c');

// Modified Discrete time Sylvester equation:
X = sylv(A, B, C, 'd');

// Real Discrete time Sylvester equation:
X = -sylv(-A, B, C, 'd');

See Also

  • lyap — Lyapunov equation
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