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makes a new directory

Calling Sequence

mkdir(parentdir, dirname)
status = mkdir( ... )
[status, msg] = mkdir( ... )



a character string: a directory to create.


a character string: a directory in which the new directory dirname will be created.


an integer: the status of the operation.


a character string: a message about an error.


mkdir(dirname) creates the directory dirname in the current directory, if dirname represents a relative path. Otherwise, dirname represents an absolute path and mkdir attempts to create the absolute directory dirname.

mkdir(parentdir, dirname) creates the directory dirname in the directory parentdir (if parentdir is not existing it will be created), where parentdir is an absolute or relative pathname.

[status,msg] = mkdir(parentdir, dirname) creates the directory dirname in the existing directory parentdir, returning the status and the message about an error.

status msg
-2 mkdir: An error occurred: A file with the same name already exists in dirname
0 mkdir: An error occurred: Impossible to create directory dirname
2 mkdir: An error occurred: This directory already exists in dirname

Whatever the operating system, if the creating of directory succeeds, the status is 1 and the message msg is empty.


// Absolute pathname
status_2 = mkdir(TMPDIR+"/mkdir_example_2")
[status_3,msg_3] = mkdir(TMPDIR+"/mkdir_example_3")

// Absolute pathname (parentdir + dirname)
[status_4,msg_4] = mkdir(TMPDIR,"mkdir_example_4")

// Relative pathname
[status_5,msg_5] = mkdir("mkdir_example_5")
[status_6,msg_6] = mkdir("mkdir_example_5/mkdir_example_6")

See Also

  • chdir — muda o diretório corrente do Scilab
  • dir — gets file list
  • rmdir — removes a directory
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