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Ajuda do Scilab >> Console > completion


returns words that start with the text you pass as parameter.

Calling Sequence

r = completion(beginning_of_a_word)
r = completion(beginning_of_a_word,dictionary)
[functions, commands, variables, macros, graphic_properties, files] = completion(beginning_of_a_word)
[functions, commands, variables, macros, graphic_properties] = completion(beginning_of_a_word)
[functions, commands, variables, macros] = completion(beginning_of_a_word)
[functions, commands, variables] = completion(beginning_of_a_word)
[functions, commands] = completion(beginning_of_a_word)



a string matrix


a string


a string ("functions", "commands", "variables", "macros", "graphic_properties", "files")

functions, commands, variables, macros, graphic_properties, files

a string matrix


Returns words that start with the text you pass as parameter.

functions: a string matrix of functions name (C gateways). See what.

commands: a string matrix of command words (reserved). See what.

variables: a string matrix of variables names. See who.

macros: a string matrix of macros names. See who.

graphic_properties: a string matrix of graphic properties.

files: a string matrix of files names.


r = completion('w')
r = completion('w','functions')
r = completion('w','commands')
r = completion('w','variables')
r = completion('w','macros')
r = completion('w','graphic_properties')
r = completion('w','files')

[functions,commands,variables,macros,graphic_properties,files] = completion('w')
[functions,commands,variables,macros,graphic_properties] = completion('w')
[functions,commands,variables,macros] = completion('w')
[functions,commands,variables] = completion('w')
[functions,commands] = completion('w')

See Also

  • getscilabkeywords — retorna uma lista com todas as palavras-chave do Scilab
  • who — listagem de variáveis
  • what — lista de primitivas do Scilab
  • libraryinfo — retorna macros e endereço de uma biblioteca Scilab
  • librarieslist — retorna as bibliotecas do Scilab
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