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Please note that the recommended version of Scilab is 6.1.1. This page might be outdated.
See the recommended documentation of this function

Scilab Help >> Scilab > Configuration > getversion


get scilab and modules version information

Calling Sequence

version = getversion()
[version, opts] = getversion()
version_numbers = getversion('scilab')
versioninfo = getversion('scilab', 'string_info')
version_numbers = getversion('<module>')
versioninfo = getversion('<module>','string_info')



a string


a string about version


an integer vector

ver(1) Major version

ver(2) Minor version

ver(3) Maintenance version

ver(4) GIT timestamp


a vector of string: [compiler, architecture,[tk, modelicac, ] release_mode, release_date, release_time]


[version, opts] = getversion() returns in version the Scilab version name and in opts build options which can be used to determine if scilab has been build with tk or modelicac and gives release date and time.

[tk, modelicac, atlas,] are optional.

compiler: returns compiler used to build scilab ('GCC', 'VC++', 'PGI', 'ICC', 'SUN', 'UKN' unknown)

architecture: 'x86' or 'x64'.

tk: 'tk' if tcl/tk is enabled.

modelicac: 'modelicac' if modelica compiler is distributed with scilab/xcos.



[version, opts] = getversion()
COMPILER = opts(1)
ARCH = opts(2)
or(opts == 'modelicac')
or(opts == 'tk')
RELEASE_MODE = opts($-2)
RELEASE_DATE = opts($-1)
RELEASE_TIME = opts($)

version = getversion('scilab')
versionstr = getversion('scilab','string_info')
version = getversion('overloading')
versionstr = getversion('overloading','string_info')

See Also

  • getmodules — returns list of modules installed in Scilab
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