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Справка Scilab >> Xcos > Scilab/Xcos Data Structures > Compilation/Simulation > scicos_cpr


Compiled Scicos structure



The Scilab object cpr contains the result of the compilation.

That structure includes fields state, sim, cor and corinv.

Size : 5.

Type : scilab list.

  • state

    Scilab typed list of type xcs. It contains all the states of the model, that is, everything than can evolve during the simulation.

    state contains x, z, oz, iz, tevts, evtspt, pointi and outtb.

    Size : 9.

    Type : scilab tlist.

  • sim

    Scilab typed list of type scs. It contains static arrays coming from the result of the compilation. That arrays does not evolve during the simulation.

    Size : 33.

    Type : scilab tlist.

  • cor

    It is a list with same recursive structure as scs_m. Each leaf contains the index of associated block in sim data structure. Size : number of objects in scs_m.

    Type : scilab list.

  • corinv

    corinv(i) is the path of i th block defined in sim data structure in the scs_m data structure.

    Size : number of blocks in the compiled structre.

    Type : scilab list.

File content

  • SCI/modules/scicos/macros/scicos_scicos/scicos_cpr.sci

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