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Справка Scilab >> Linear Algebra > Kernel > im_inv


inverse image

Calling Sequence

[X,dim]=im_inv(A,B [,tol])
[X,dim,Y]=im_inv(A,B, [,tol])



two real or complex matrices with equal number of columns


orthogonal or unitary square matrix of order equal to the number of columns of A


integer (dimension of subspace)


orthogonal matrix of order equal to the number of rows of A and B.


[X,dim]=im_inv(A,B) computes (A^-1)(B) i.e vectors whose image through A are in range(B)

The dim first columns of X span (A^-1)(B)

tol is a threshold used to test if subspace inclusion; default value is tol = 100*%eps. If Y is returned, then [Y*A*X,Y*B] is partitioned as follows: [A11,A12;0,A22],[B1;0]

where B1 has full row rank (equals rank(B)) and A22 has full column rank and has dim columns.


svd([A*X(:,1:dim),B])   //vectors A*X(:,1:dim) belong to range(B)

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