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Aide de Scilab >> Interface graphique > uitree > uiInsertNode


Insertion in a uitree

Calling Sequence

insertTree = uiInsertNode(tree, position, node)
insertTree = uiInsertNode(tree, parentNode, node)

Input parameters


uitree where we do the insertion


a string, which is the position where we want to insert the node


which is the parent node into we want to insert the node


node we want to insert

Output parameters


an uitree with the node inserted


Insertion of a node (subTree) into a tree. If we have 2 nodes called 'Node1' and 'Node2' each one at position 1.1 and 1.2. Insertion of a new node 'Node3' at position '1.2', will move the 'Node2' to position 1.3.


// We should create nodes(subTrees) before creating trees	
leaf11 = uiCreateNode('leaf 1.1', 'iconLeaf1.1', 'callbackLeaf1.1')
leaf12 = uiCreateNode('leaf 1.2', 'iconLeaf1.2', 'callbackLeaf1.2')
leaf31 = uiCreateNode('leaf 3.1', 'iconLeaf3.1', 'callbackLeaf3.1')
leaf32 = uiCreateNode('leaf 3.2', 'iconLeaf3.2', 'callbackLeaf3.2')
node1 = uiCreateNode('Node 1', 'iconNode1', 'callbackNode1')
node2 = uiCreateNode('Node 2', 'iconNode2', 'callbackNode2')
node3 = uiCreateNode('Node 3', 'iconNode3', 'callbackNode3')
root = uiCreateNode('Root', 'iconRoot', 'callbackRoot')

treeNode1 = uiCreateTree(node1, leaf11, leaf12)
treeNode3 = uiCreateTree(node3, leaf31, leaf32)
treeRoot = uiCreateTree(root, treeNode1, node2, treeNode3)

// Creation of a new nodes to insert
leaf13 = uiCreateNode('leaf 1.3', 'iconLeaf1.3', 'callbackLeaf1.3')
testNode = uiCreateNode('test', 'icon_test', 'callback_test')

// Insertion of 'leaf13' in 'node2'
treeInsert = uiInsertNode(treeRoot, node2, leaf13)

// Insertion of 'testNode' at position '1.1'
treeInsert = uiInsertNode(treeRoot, '1.1', testNode)

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