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Please note that the recommended version of Scilab is 6.1.1. This page might be outdated.
However, this page did not exist in the previous stable version.

Aide de Scilab >> Fonctions avancées > fun2string


generates ASCII definition of a Scilab function

Calling Sequence

txt = fun2string(fun, name)



a function type variable.


a character string, the generated function name.


a column vector of strings, the text giving the Scilab instructions.


Given a loaded Scilab function pseudo-code fun2string allows to re-generate the code. The generated code is indented and beautified.

The mechanism is similar, but simpler than the mfile2sci one. It may be adapted for syntax translations.


txt = fun2string(asinh,'foo');

See Also

  • exec — exécution d'un script (fichier de commandes)
  • edit — function editing
  • macrovar — variables d'une fonction
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