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any (Matlab function)

Test to determine if any nonzeros elements

Matlab/Scilab equivalent

Matlab Scilab

Particular cases

Matlab any function can work with complexes, what Scilab or can not, so a call to abs function can be necessary when translating from Matlab to Scilab.

Matlab expression B=any(A) translated into Scilab by B=or(A):

If A is a matrix, any(A) is equivalent to any(A,1) in Matlab whereas in Scilab or(A) is a logical OR of all elements of A. If A is a multidimensional array then Matlab treats the values along the first non-singleton dimension, but Scilab returns logical OR of all elements of A.

Matlab expression B=any(A,dim) translated into Scilab by B=or(A,dim):

In Scilab dim=1 is equivalent to dim="r" and dim=2 is equivalent to dim="c". In Matlab, dim can be greater then the number of dimension of A (in this case, B=A), in Scilab you will get an error message.


Matlab Scilab
y = any([1,1,0;1,0,1])
y = [1,1,1]
y = any([1,1,0;1,0,1],1)
y = [1,1,1]
y = or([1,1,0;1,0,1])
y = %T
y = or([1,1,0;1,0,1],1)
y = [%T,%T,%T]
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