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Please note that the recommended version of Scilab is 6.1.1. This page might be outdated.
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Справка Scilab >> Java from Scilab > jarray


Create a Java array

Calling Sequence

jarray(className, n_1 [, n_2 [, ...]])



A string giving the class name


An integer giving the array dimension


Creates a multidimensional array n_1x...xn_p of elements with type className. An array element can be accessed in using classical Scilab notations, the indexing follows Scilab convention: it start at 1.

The className can be one of the primitive datatypes: double, int, boolean, short, long, float, char and byte.


a = jarray("java.lang.String", 2, 2, 3);
// array insertion
a(1, 1, 3) = "Hi Jims !";
a(2, 1, 3) = "Hi Jims again !!"

// array extraction
length(a(2, 1, 3));
a(2, 1, 3)


5.5.0 Function introduced. Based on the 'JIMS' module. The main difference in the behavior compared to the JIMS module is that jautoUnwrap is enabled by default.
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