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Scilabヘルプ >> Online help management > help_skeleton


build the skeleton of the xml help file associated to a Scilab function

Calling Sequence

txt = help_skeleton(funname [,path [,language]])



character string : the name of the function


character string : the path where the file will be create if required. If this argument is not given the skeleton is returned as a string.


character string :with possible value "fr_FR" or "en_US" the defaultis "en_US"


the XML code or the complete XML file path


txt = help_skeleton(funname) generates a vector of strings containing the skeleton of the XML code describing the help of the function funname.

fullpath = help_skeleton(funname,dirpath) generates the XML code describing the help of the function funname in a file named funname.xml in the directory specified by the path dirpath. In this case the function returns the file path.


function [y, z]=foo(a, b),y=a+b,z=1,endfunction
if (isdef('editor') | (funptr('editor')<>0)) then

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