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Aide de Scilab >> Chaînes de caractères > strtok


split string into tokens

Calling Sequence

res = strtok(str, delimiters)



a character string.


a character string.


a character string.


res = strtok(str, delimiters) sequence of calls to this function split str into tokens, which are sequences of contiguous characters separated by any of the characters that are part of delimiters.


TOKENS = [];
token = strtok("A string of ,,tokens and some  more tokens"," r,");
TOKENS = [TOKENS,token];
while( token <> '' )
  token = strtok(" r,");
  TOKENS = [TOKENS,token];

See Also

  • strrchr — find the last occurrence of a character in a string
  • strchr — find the first occurrence of a character in a string
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