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Please note that the recommended version of Scilab is 6.1.0. This page might be outdated.
However, this page did not exist in the previous stable version.

Aide de Scilab >> Fonctions avancées > listfunctions


properties of all functions in the workspace

Calling Sequence

[flist,compiled,profilable,called] = listfunctions([scope])



a string, "local" (default) or "global".


a string array, names of all the function variables in the specified namespace.


a boolean array, true if the corresponding element of flist is of type 13.


a boolean array, true if the corresponding element of flist is of type 13, and additionally profiling information is found in the pseudocode of the function.


an uint32 array, number of times the corresponding element of flist has been already called (nonzero only for profilable functions).


  • This function checks all the variables in the workspace (given by who) and collects those of type 11 or 13; for the latter, lst = macr2lst(fun) is called, in order to check for the magic profiling entry at the end of the first codeline, i.e. lst(5)(1)=="25".


[flist,compiled,profilable,called] = listfunctions();

See Also

  • function — définition d'une fonction Scilab
  • exec — exécution d'un script (fichier de commandes)
  • deff — on-line definition of function
  • comp — pré-interprétation ou "compilation" de fonctions Scilab
  • fun2string — generates ASCII definition of a Scilab function
  • macr2lst — function to list conversion
  • profile — Renvoie les résultats du profiling d'une fonction
  • recompilefunction — recompiles a scilab function, changing its type
  • who — liste des variables
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