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Scilab Help >> GUI > uicontrol


create a Graphic User Interface object

Calling Sequence

h = uicontrol(PropertyName,PropertyValue,...)
h = uicontrol(parent,PropertyName,PropertyValue,...)
h = uicontrol(uich)


This routine creates an object in a figure.

If the handle of the figure is given (as the first parameter), the uicontrol is created in this figure. If no handle is given, the uicontrol is created in the current figure (which may be obtained with a call to gcf()). If there is no current figure, then one is created before the creation of the uicontrol.

Then when the control is created, the properties given as parameters are set with the corresponding values. It is equivalent to create the uicontrol, and then set its properties with the set() command. Nevertheless, it generally more efficient to set the properties in the call to uicontrol(). Scilab and all the graphic objects communicate through the property mechanism. Thus, to create adapted uicontrol, one has to know the use of the property fields.

h = uicontrol(PropertyName, PropertyValue,...) creates an uicontrol and assigns the specified properties and values to it. It assigns the default values to any properties you do not specify. The default uicontrol style is a "Pushbutton". The default parent is the current figure. See the Properties section for information about these and other properties.

h = uicontrol(parent, PropertyName, PropertyValue,...) creates a uicontrol in the object specified by the handle, parent. If you also specify a different value for the Parent property, the value of the Parent property takes precedence. parent is the handle of a figure.

h = uicontrol(uich) gives focus to the uicontrol specified by uich.

All available properties and their description are given in the uicontrol properties help page.

Uicontrols rendering and properties display can be customized using Console properties.

Available styles

The available styles are listed below. The style of an uicontrol must be set at creation using the "Style" property and can not be changed once the uicontrol is created.

  • Checkbox: a button with two states (Used for multiple independent choices).

  • Edit: an editable string zone.

  • Frame: a container for other uicontrols.

  • Image: a component where a specified image is displayed.

  • Layer: a container for frame style uicontrols enbaling to switch between them programmatically using the value property.

  • Listbox: a control representing a list of items that can be scrolled. The items can be selected with the mouse.

  • Popupmenu: a button which make a menu appear when clicked.

  • Pushbutton: (default style) a rectangular button generally used to run a callback.

  • Radiobutton: a button with two states. RadioButtons are intended to be mutually exclusive.

    Your code must implement mutually exclusive behavior if you do not use groups (See GroupName property in uicontrol properties).

  • Slider: a scale control, that is a slider used to set values between in range with the mouse.

  • Spinner: a component which enables the user to select/edit a value between bounds with a fixed step.

  • Tab: a container for frame style uicontrols enabling to switch between them by cliking on a tab with a given title and/or icon.

    The font related properties set on the frame will be used for the tab label.

  • Table: an editable table.

  • Text: a text control (generally static).


// create a figure
h=uicontrol(f,'style','listbox', ...
 'position', [10 10 150 160]);
// create a listbox
set(h, 'string', "item 1|item 2|item3");
// fill the list
set(h, 'value', [1 3]);
// select item 1 and 3 in the list
// close the figure

uicontrol function can be overloaded

// create a mlist
mymlist = mlist(['objid','A','B'],[],[]);

// overload set / get for objid
function result=%objid_uicontrol(varargin)
  // res = uicontrol(mymlist,'A');
  obj_tmp   = varargin(1);
  field_tmp = varargin(2);
  mprintf('uicontrol on an object of type %s, field = %s\n', typeof(obj_tmp), field_tmp);
  result = %t;

res = uicontrol(mymlist,'property');

Pushbuttons or Text can have LaTeX or MathML label

// LaTeX
// MathML
hh.Position = h.Position + [50, 0, 0, 0];
// Text
h=uicontrol(f,"Style","text","string","$\Gamma(s)=\int_0^\infty t^{s-1}\mathrm{e}^{-t}\,\mathrm{d}t$");
// If it is too little
// Include an editable table into a figure:
// Building a table of data:
params = [" " "Country" "Population [Mh]" "Temp.[°C]" ];
towns = ["Mexico" "Paris" "Tokyo" "Singapour"]';
country = ["Mexico" "France" "Japan" "Singapour"]';
pop  = string([22.41 11.77 33.41 4.24]');
temp = string([26 19 22 17]');
table = [params; [ towns country pop temp ]]

f = gcf();
as = f.axes_size;  // [width height]
ut = uicontrol("style","table",..
               "position",[5 as(2)-100 300 87],.. // => @top left corner of figure
               "tooltipstring","Data from majors towns")

// Modify by hand some values in the table. Then get them back from the ui:

See Also

  • uicontrol_properties — Description of the uicontrol properties.
  • figure — create a figure
  • set — set a property value of a graphic entity object or of a User Interface object.
  • get — Retrieve a property value from a graphics entity or an User Interface object.
  • uimenu — Create a menu or a submenu in a figure
  • LaTeX and MathML — Display mathematical equations in Scilab graphics through the LaTeX or MathML languages.



New styles added:

  • Tab
  • Spinner
  • Layer

Uicontrols rendering is now based on operating system look and feel (See console properties).

Uicontrols handles display is now limited to properties used by Java rendering (See console properties).

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