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Scilab help >> Statistics > Regression > regress


regression coefficients of two variables

Calling Sequence




real or complex vector


This function computes the regresion coefficients of two variables x and y, both numerical vectors of same number of elements n. coefs=[a b] be a 1x2 matrix such that Y=a+bX will be the equation of the ordinary least square approximation to our data.


Wonacott, T.H. & Wonacott, R.J.; Introductory Statistics, J.Wiley & Sons, 1990.


x=[0.5608486 0.6623569 0.7263507 0.1985144 0.5442573 0.2320748 0.2312237]
y=[0.3616361 0.2922267 0.5664249 0.4826472 0.3321719 0.5935095 0.5015342]

See Also

  • covar — covariance of two variables
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