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Ajuda Scilab >> CACSD > Plot and display > hallchart


Draws the Hall chart

Calling Sequence

hallchart([ modules [,args [,colors]]])



real vector ( modules (in dB))


real vector (phases (in degree))


a scalar or a vector, the color indices for isogain and iso phase curves


plot the Hall'chart: iso-module and iso-argument contours of y/(1+y) in the real(y), imag(y) plane

hallchart may be used in cunjunction with nyquist.

The default values for modules and args are respectively :

[-20 -10 -6 -4 -2 2 4 6 10 20]

[-90 -60 -45 -30 -15 15 30 45 60 90]

This function superseeds the m_circle function

Graphics entities organization

The hallchart function create a single compound object which is generaly the last child of the current axes. This compound object contains a set of compound objects, one for each grid curve. The first ones are the iso module curves and the last one the iso-argument contours. Each of these compound objects contains a Polyline object (the curve) and a Text object (the label). The following piece of code can be used to change the color of the ith iso module curve:

ax=gca();//handle on current axes
c=ax.children($).children;// the handles on the chart grid curves
i=4; //the index of the -4dB curve
ci=c(i); //the handle on the -4dB curve
ci.children(1).foreground=color('red'); //draw it in red

j=3; // the index of the -45° curve
cj=c(10+j); //the handle on the -45° curve
cj.children(1).thickness=3;//draw it thicker


//Hall chart

//Hall chart as a grid for nyquist
//two degree of freedom PID
nyquist([Plant;Plant*PID],0.5,100,["Plant";"Plant and PID corrector"]);
hallchart(colors=color('light gray')*[1 1])
//move the caption in the lower rigth corner

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