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Scilab help >> Simulated Annealing > Utilities > neigh_func_fsa


The Fast Simulated Annealing neighborhood relationship

Calling Sequence

x_neigh = neigh_func_fsa(x_current,T,param)



the point for which we want to compute a neighbor


the current temperature


a vector with the same size than x_current. A normalisation vector which allows to distort the shape of the neighborhood. This parameter allows to take into account the differences of interval of variation between variables. By default, this parameter is set to a vector of ones.


the computed neighbor


  • This function computes the FSA neighborhood of a given point. The corresponding distribution is a Cauchy distribution which is more and more peaked as the temperature decrease.


x_current = 1;

x_neigh = neigh_func_fsa(x_current,10,[])

See Also

  • optim_sa — A Simulated Annealing optimization method
  • temp_law_fsa — The Szu and Hartley Fast simulated annealing
  • neigh_func_default — A SA function which computes a neighbor of a given point
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