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Please note that the recommended version of Scilab is 6.1.1. This page might be outdated.
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Scilab help >> Advanced functions

Advanced functions

  • Built-in & external
    • clearfunremoves primitive
    • externalScilab Object, external function or routine
    • funptrcoding of primitives ( wizard stuff )
    • intpptyset interface argument passing properties
    • newfunadd a name in the table of functions
    • readgatewayget primitives list of a module
    • whatlist the Scilab primitives
  • Libraries
    • genlibbuild library from functions in given directory
    • get_function_pathget source file path of a library function
    • liblibrary definition
    • librarieslistget scilab libraries
    • librarylibrary datatype description
    • libraryinfoget macros and path of a scilab library
    • whereisname of library containing a function
  • profiling
    • add_profilingAdds profiling instructions to a function.
    • plotprofileextracts and displays execution profiles of a Scilab function
    • profileextract execution profiles of a Scilab function
    • remove_profilingRemoves profiling instructions toout of a function.
    • reset_profilingResets profiling counters of a function.
    • showprofileextracts and displays execution profiles of a Scilab function
  • argnReturns the number of input/output arguments in a function call
  • bytecodegiven a function returns the "bytecode" of a function in a Scilab array and conversely.
  • bytecodewalkwalk in function bytecode applying transformation.
  • code2strreturns character string associated with Scilab integer codes. This function is obsolete.
  • compscilab function compilation
  • deffon-line definition of function
  • editfunction editing
  • execscript file execution
  • execstrexecute Scilab code in strings
  • fun2stringgenerates ascii definition of a scilab function
  • funcprotswitch scilab functions protection mode
  • endfunctioncloses a function definition
  • functionsScilab procedures and Scilab objects
  • getdLoad all functions defined in a directory
  • head_commentsdisplay scilab function header comments
  • listfunctionsproperties of all functions in the workspace
  • macr2lstfunction to list conversion
  • macr2treefunction to tree conversion
  • macroScilab procedure and Scilab object
  • macrovarvariables of function
  • modeselect a mode in an exec-file
  • overloadingdisplay, functions and operators overloading capabilities
  • recompilefunctionrecompiles a scilab function, changing its type
  • sciargsscilab command line arguments
  • str2codereturn scilab integer codes associated with a character string. This function is obsolete.
  • tree2codegenerates ascii definition of a Scilab function
  • vararginvariable numbers of arguments in an input argument list
  • varargoutvariable numbers of arguments in an output argument list
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