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Scilab help >> Matlab binary files I/O > savematfile


write a Matlab MAT-file (binary or ASCII)

Calling Sequence

savematfile('filename', 'var1', 'var2', ...)
savematfile('filename', '-struct', 's')
savematfile('filename', '-struct', 's', 'f1', 'f2', ...)
savematfile(..., '-v4')
savematfile(..., '-v6')
savematfile(..., '-v7')
savematfile(..., '-v7.3')
savematfile filename var1 var2 ...



character string containing the path of the file (needed)


data format to use


binary MAT-file (default)


8-bit ASCII format

"-ascii" "-double"

16-bit ASCII format

"-ascii" "-tabs"

delimits with tabs

"-ascii" "-double" "-tabs"

16-digit ASCII format, tab delimited


A format that MATLAB Version 4 can open


A format that MATLAB Version 6 and earlier can open


A format that MATLAB Version 7 and earlier can open (default)


A format that MATLAB Version 7.3 and earlier can open

var1, var2

character strings containing the name of the variables to load (only for binary files)

"-struct" "s"

saves all fields of the scalar structure s as individual variables within the file filename.

"-struct" "s" "f1" "f2"

saves as individual variables only those structure fields specified (s.f1, s.f2, ...).


saves variables in a Matlab MAT-file from Scilab. The Scilab data types are converted into the Matlab equivalents.


A = rand(10,10);
B = sprand(100,100,0.1);

See Also

  • load — Load a saved variable or a serie of variables
  • save — Save a variable or a serie of variables in a binary file
  • loadmatfile — loads a Matlab V6 MAT-file (binary or ASCII) into Scilab
  • mfile2sci — Matlab M-file to Scilab conversion function


This function has been developed following the "MAT-File Format" description: Mat-File Format

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