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Scilab help >> Preferences > SciNotes preferences

SciNotes preferences

SciNotes general preferences


SciNotes is the default Scilab code editor. It is now possible to use an external editor using a system dependent command or a Scilab macro name.

  • Use SciNotes: check this box if you want to use SciNotes in using commands such like editor or edit.

  • External editor: check this radio button to use an external system editor, e.g. it is possible to enter "/usr/bin/gedit".

  • Scilab command: check this radio button to use an editor which is callable via a Scilab macro. This macro should take the same kind of argument as the editor command.

SciNotes General settings

  • Restore previous session on start-up: check this box to be able to restore the previous Scilab session as it was before quiting Scilab.

  • Add carriage return at the end of the file: check this box to automatically add a CR, if none, at the end of the file.

  • Number of recently opened files to display: modify this value to fix how many files must appears in the last opened section.

  • Default file enconding: fix the default encoding to use to save a file. No more encodings are proposed since Scilab handles only these ones at execution.

  • Default End-Of-Line: fix the default end-of-line chars to use when saving the file.

See Also

  • scinotes — Scinotes: Embedded Scilab text editor
  • editor — Call the text editor as defined in the preferences
  • edit — function editing
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