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Please note that the recommended version of Scilab is 6.1.1. This page might be outdated.
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Scilab help >> Strings > part


extraction of strings

Calling Sequence

[strings_out] = part(strings_in, v)


strings_in, strings_out

matrices of character strings.


an integer row vector.


Let s[k] stands for the k character of string s (or the white space character if k >length(s)).

part returns strings_out, a matrix of character strings, such that strings_out(i,j) is the string "s[v(1)]...s[v(n)]" (s=strings_in(i,j)).


// returns characters position 8 to 11
part("How to use ""part"" ?",8:11)

// returns characters position 2 to 4 for each element
// no characters replaced by ''
c = part(['a','abc','abcd'],2:4)

// returns character position 1 for each element and add characters position
// 4 to 7 of each element
c = part(['abcdefg','hijklmn','opqrstu'],[1,4:7]);

// returns character 4 for each element, add characters position 1 to 7 and
// add character position 4 for each element
c = part(['abcdefg','hijklmn','opqrstu'],[4,1:7,4]);

// returns character position 1, add again character position 1 and
// character position 2

// a a a

// aa aa aa

// aa aab aab

See Also

  • string — conversion to string
  • strsplit — split a string into a vector of strings
  • length — length of object
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