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Scilab help >> Optimization and Simulation > Semidefinite Programming > lmitool


Graphical tool for solving linear matrix inequations.

Calling Sequence






a string referring to a .sci function


a string containing the name of the problem


a string containing the names of the unknown matrices (separated by commas if there are more than one)


a string containing the names of data matrices (separated by commas if there are more than one)


a string providing information on what the user should do next


lmitool() or lmitool(filename) is used to define interactively a LMI problem. In the non interactive mode, txt=lmitool(probname,varlist,datalist) generates a file in the current directory. The name of this file is obtained by adding .sci to the end of probname. This file is the skeleton of a solver function and the corresponding evaluation function needed by lmisolver.

See Also

  • lmisolver — Solve linear matrix inequations.
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