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Please note that the recommended version of Scilab is 6.1.1. This page might be outdated.
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Scilab help >> Files : Input/Output functions > Paths - Filenames > getlongpathname


gets long path name

Calling Sequence

longpath = getlongpathname(shortpath)
[longpath, bOK] = getlongpathname(shortpath)



a character string or matrix of strings: the short path.


a character string or matrix of strings: the long path.


a boolean or a matrix of boolean: %T if path has been converted else %F.


The getlongpathname primitive converts the specified path shortpath to its long form. If no long path is found, this primitive returns the specified name.

Note: If the path cannot be converted (bOK is %F) and in particular if the operating system is not Windows, the returned long path is identical to the input short path.



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