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Getting started


This page teaches how to get started with ATOMS module manager on the scilab platform towards a session example. It describes how one can install a module and load it in Scilab environment.


  • Configure ATOMS to display extra-information


  • List available modules

          ampl_toolbox - An interface to load .nl files created by AMPL
           ANN_Toolbox - ANN Toolbox
                conmin - A Scilab interface to the conmin optimization method
                 CUTEr - Testing environment for optimization and linear algebra solvers
           dace_scilab - This is a conversion of the well known DACE kriging toolbox for Matlab.
           dde_toolbox - Dynamic Data Exchange client for Scilab
            HYDROGRv50 - Models and function for operational hydrology
               lolimot - A fast neural network - LOcal LInear MOdel Tree
          module_lycee - Scilab pour les lycées
                  NISP - Non Intrusive Spectral Projection
               plotlib - "Matlab-like" Plotting library for Scilab
              scilab2c - Translate Scilab code into C code
                scipad - Scipad 7.20
               simplex - This package contains the simplex optimization method
       sndfile_toolbox - Read & write sound files
               stixbox - Statistics toolbox for Scilab 5.2

  • Install a module Installing a module download and extract it.

        NISP (2.1) will be installed in the 'allusers' section
        Installing NISP (2.1) ... success

  • Load a module The module is installed but it's not loaded in the scilab environment and its functionnalities are not available yet.

    By default, a module is added to the list of modules to load at Scilab start when it's installed. (>> More information on the autoload system :


        Start NISP Toolbox
          Load gateways
          Load help
          Load demos

  • Remove a module:

    -->atomsRemove NISP
        NISP (2.1) will be removed from the 'allusers' section
        the package NISP (2.1) is currently loaded, It will removed at next Scilab restart

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