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Scilab help >> XML Management > xmlIsValidObject


Test the existence of an XML object

Calling Sequence

exists = xmlIsValidObject(obj)



a XML object or a matrix of strings containing the variables names


a boolean or a matrix of booleans to indicate if the XML objects exist or not


When a XML document has been deleted all the attached objects are destroyed, but on the Scilab side the objects are still alive. So this function is useful to know if an object on the Scilab side is valid or not.


doc = xmlRead("");
r = doc.root
// must return %T

// We delete the doc

// must return [%F %F]
xmlIsValidObject(["doc" "r"])

See Also

  • XML Objects — Describe the properties of the different XML objects
  • xmlDelete — Delete a XML document


5.4.0 XML module introduced.
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