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Sampling with replacement

Calling Sequence

s = sample(n,X,orient)



positive integer (size of sample)


matrix. Samples will be extracted from this matrix.


Optional parameter. Admissible values are 1, 2, 'r' or 'c'


vector or matrix containing sample


This function gives a vector (or matrix) nx1. It contains a random sample of n extractions, with replacement, from the matrix X.

s=sample(n,X) (or s=sample(n,X,'*')) returns a vector s whose values are a random sample of n values from X, extracted with replacement, from X .

s=sample(n,X,'r') (or, equivalently, s=sample(n,X,1)) returns a matrix of type size(X,'r')xn. It contains a random sample of n rows, extracted with replacement, from the rows of X.

s=sample(n,X,'c') (or, equivalently, s=sample(n,X,2)) returns a matrix of type nxsize(X,'c'). It contains a random sample of n columns, extracted with replacement from the columns of X.


X=['a' 'dd' 'arreu'; 'ber' 'car' 'zon']

See Also

  • samplef — sample with replacement from a population and frequences of his values.
  • samwr — Sampling without replacement
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