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Aide Scilab >> Interface graphique > Tree > uiDeleteNode


Deletion in a Tree

Calling Sequence

delTree = uiDeleteNode(tree, node)
delTree = uiDeleteNode(tree, position)

Input parameters


Tree were we do the deletion


node we want to delete


a string, which is the position of the node we want to delete

Output parameters


a Tree without the deleted node


Deletion of a node (subTree) from a tree. If we have 3 nodes called 'Node1', 'Node2' and 'Node3' each one at position 1.1, 1.2, and 1.3. Deletion of node at position 1.2 ('Node2') will pull up the 'Node 3' to position 1.2.


// We should create nodes(subTrees) before creating trees	
leaf11 = uiCreateNode('leaf 1.1', 'iconLeaf1.1', 'callbackLeaf1.1')
leaf12 = uiCreateNode('leaf 1.2', 'iconLeaf1.2', 'callbackLeaf1.2')
leaf31 = uiCreateNode('leaf 3.1', 'iconLeaf3.1', 'callbackLeaf3.1')
leaf32 = uiCreateNode('leaf 3.2', 'iconLeaf3.2', 'callbackLeaf3.2')
node1 = uiCreateNode('Node 1', 'iconNode1', 'callbackNode1')
node2 = uiCreateNode('Node 2', 'iconNode2', 'callbackNode2')
node3 = uiCreateNode('Node 3', 'iconNode3', 'callbackNode3')
root = uiCreateNode('Root', 'iconRoot', 'callbackRoot')

treeNode1 = uiCreateTree(node1, leaf11, leaf12)
treeNode3 = uiCreateTree(node3, leaf31, leaf32)
treeRoot = uiCreateTree(root, treeNode1, node2, treeNode3)

// Deletion of 'node2'
treeDel = uiDeleteNode(treeRoot, node2)

// Deletion of node at position '3.2'
treeDel = uiDeleteNode(treeRoot, '3.2')

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