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Aide Scilab >> Algorithmes génétiques > Utilities > pareto_filter


A function which extracts non dominated solution from a set

Calling Sequence

[F_out,X_out,Ind_out] = pareto_filter(F_in,X_in)



the set of multi-objective function values from which we want to extract the non dominated solutions.


the associated values in the parameters space.


the set of non dominated multi-objective function values.


the associated values in the parameters space.


the set of indexes of the non dominated individuals selected from the set X_in.


  • This function applies a Pareto filter to extract non dominated solutions from a set of values.

See Also

  • optim_moga — multi-objective genetic algorithm
  • optim_nsga — A multi-objective Niched Sharing Genetic Algorithm
  • optim_nsga2 — A multi-objective Niched Sharing Genetic Algorithm version 2
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