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Emulator of C language fprintf function. This function is obsolete.

Calling Sequence

fprintf(file, format, value_1, ..., value_n)



a Scilab string. It specifies a character string combining literal characters with conversion specifications.


specifies the data to be converted according to the format parameter.


a Scilab string specifying a file name or a logical unit number (see file)

Note that if file=0, the message will be display on standard error stream (stderr).


This function is obsolete, use preferabily the mfprintf function which is much more compatible with the C fprintf functionalities.

The fprintf function converts, formats, and writes its value parameters, under control of the format parameter, to the file specified by its file parameter.

The format parameter is a character string that contains two types of objects:

Literal characters

which are copied to the output stream.

Conversion specifications

each of which causes zero or more items to be fetched from the value parameter list. See printf_conversion for details.

If any values remain after the entire format has been processed, they are ignored.


u=file('open',fullfile(TMPDIR,'results'),'unknown') //open the result file
for tk=t
  fprintf(u,'time = %6.3f value = %6.3f',tk,sin(tk)) // write a line
file('close',u) //close the result file

fprintf(0,'My error which is going to be displayed on the stderr')

See Also

  • mfprintf — converts, formats, and writes data to a file
  • string — conversion en chaîne de caractères
  • print — prints variables in a file
  • write — write in a formatted file
  • format — number printing and display format
  • disp — displays variables
  • file — file management
  • mprintf — converts, formats, and writes data to the main scilab window
  • msprintf — converts, formats, and writes data in a string
  • printf_conversion — mprintf, msprintf, mfprintf conversion specifications
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