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Scilab help >> XML Management > xmlRelaxNG


Create a XML Relax NG object

Calling Sequence

schema = xmlRelaxNG(path)



a string giving the path of the validation file


a mlist typed XMLValid


Useful to validate a document with a Relax NG.


doc = xmlRead("SCI/modules/xml/tests/unit_tests/library.xml");
rng = xmlRelaxNG("SCI/modules/xml/tests/unit_tests/library.rng");

// We test if the document is valid
// If no error the file is valid

xmlValidate(doc, rng);

xmlDelete(doc, rng);

See Also

  • xmlValidate — Validate a document in using a DTD, a Relax NG or a Schema.


5.4.0 XML module introduced.
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